Upcoming Russian GAZ trucks by Plastic Soldier

1/72 & 15mm – Russian GAZ trucks* 

Plastic Soldier release these in the first quarter of the year.
 First up will be the 1/72 box, which includes 3 x GAZ-AA Trucks, and 3 x GAZ-AAA Trucks (6 models in total).
Will be followed by the 15mm release, which includes 5 x GAZ-AA Trucks, and 5 x GAZ-AAA Trucks (10 models in total).

Images are from Plastic Soldier Facebook page.
NOTE: Bold text with * indicates a link.

Ford licensed the manufacture of the Model A and AA to a variety of nations, notably the Soviet Union. More than 985,000 AAs were built by GAZ in the USSR from 1932 to 1950. The GAZ version had a cargo capacity of 1,500 kg (3,300 lb). (Source: Wikipedia).
The GAZ-AAA was the first serial Soviet 6x4 truck. The weight-lifting capacity of the new truck has increased up to 2-tons at the highway (on a ground - 1,5 tons), allowd to archive maximum speed of 40,6 mph.
The self-propelled 76mm field guns (SU-12) and 37mm anti-aircraft guns were produced on the base of the GAZ-AAA, it also carried 4M quadruple machine gun mount. 
The serial production of GAZ-AAA was ceased in 1943, the total production reached 37.373 exemplars (Source: https://henk.fox3000.com/Rtrucks.htm).

Soviet quadruple antiaircraft machine gun mounted in the back of the Red Army truck GAZ-AA. (World War 2 photos).

The Soviet I-153 “Chaika” fighter-biplane of Russian pilot V. Redko of the Red Army Air Force is hidden from enemy aircraft at the airfield under camouflage net. To the left of the I-153 “Chaika” a car-starter on the chassis of a truck GAZ-AAA. (World War 2 photos).

Russian 4-M quadrupled Maxim MGs on GAZ-AAA truck.

Soviet soldiers pulled GAZ-AA truck out of the mud. (World War 2 photos).


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