New Canadair Sabre F.4 from Airfix

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1/48 – Canadair Sabre F.4*

Airfix newly tooled 1/48th scale kit of this nice early jet with two RAF Germany schemes which will accompany the new model. The illustrations show the kit decal options.

Canadair Sabre F.4 XB984, No.3 Squadron, Royal Air Force Germany, Geilenkirchen Air base, 1954.

Canadair Sabre F.4 XB854, No.4 Squadron, Royal Air Force Germany, Jever Air base, 1954.

Images are from Airfix website. 
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The Canadair Sabre is the Canadian built version of the North American F-86. In August 1949, Canadair Ltd. was given a licence to manufacture Sabre’s in Cartierville near Montreal, and an order was put in for 100 F-86As which were given the Canadair designation CL-13.

After receiving their first shipment in December 1952, the RAF began employing the Sabre as a part of the Allied Air Defence in Europe to counter the growing Soviet threat. Many were deployed to Western Germany where they undertook regular periods of alert to intercept any unidentified contacts within a buffer zone running down Germany’s eastern border.

During the Sabre’s nine year production at Canadair Ltd. 1,815 aircraft were produced. Although it was only in use with the RAF for three years, many other countries adopted the Sabre for their air forces and kept them in service for three decades. (Source: Royal Air Force Museum).

Images are from Royal Air Force Museum website.


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