Another TBM Avenger from Sword

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1/72 – TBM-3U Avenger*

Rebox with two decal options.  
We do not know if it includes new parts.

Images are from Sword website. Bold text with * indicates a link.

The TBM-3U was a TBM-3 modified to tow targets and for general utility use. All offensive and defensive hardware was removed and a tow reel was permanently installed in the aft fuselage. The tow target was presumably streamed out from the former stinger gun location just ahead of the tail wheel. (Source: from the excellent blog U.S. Navy Aircraft History*).

A U.S. Navy Grumman TBM-3U Avenger (BuNo 69400) of utility squadron VU-7A at Naval Air Station Barbers Point, Hawaii (USA), circa 1948. Note the non-standard paint scheme, including yellow wings and and tail, that was common on utility aircraft of the era. Utility aircraft were generally employed in target-towing, drone control, and other duties. (Wikimedia - U.S. Navy National Museum of Naval Aviation photo).


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