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 ITALIENFELDZUG. German Tanks and Vehicles 1943-1945 Vol. 2 (English)*

ITALIENFELDZUG. Carros de Combate y Vehículos Alemanes 1943-1945 Vol. 2 (castellano)*

Daniele Guglielmi and Mario Pieri, present the second volume of the Italienfeldzug series: an exhaustive study of the ground operations and the most important vehicles fielded by the German army (Heer) in the Italian campaign, between 1943 and 1945.

This second volume of the Italienfeldzug collection provides in depth analyses of the Panther tank, the Marder II and III self-propelled anti-tank guns, the Grille self-propelled howitzer, various models of field artillery, heavy artillery, and towed anti-tank guns. This 250-page reference contains 16 colour profiles, more than 600 large photographs and captions with detailed information, maps, as well as vehicle markings and reproductions of original documents.

The Weathering Magazine Issue 32: ACCESSORIES (English)*

The Weathering Magazine Número 32. ACCESORIOS (Castellano)*

The latest issue of The Weathering Magazine concentrates on an important aspect of any build: accessories. The details and optional accessories that bring realism into your modelling projects, add narrative, or complete a diorama. These accessories present interesting painting and weathering opportunities. 
Soft cover, 68 pages with high-quality full colour photographs.
Also available in French, German, Russian and Polish.

For those of us who like aircraft, accessories can become a nuisance and end up not being used to their full potential. Learning certain techniques will be essential to obtain realistic-looking accessories that are perfectly tied into the aircraft’s overall finish, no matter how small they are. This extremely comprehensive issue provides you with the opportunity to learn how to assemble, upgrade, even paint and weather your accessories and enjoy the process and amazing results.
Soft cover, 68 pages with high-quality full colour photographs.

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