Red Fox Studio

How to apply 3D printed and painted scale instrument panels by AMMO & Red Fox Studio.

Cómo aplicar los paneles de instrumentos impresos en 3D y pintados de AMMO & Red Fox Studio.

AMMO Quick Tips by Manuel Gil #8

Quick Tips de AMMO por Manuel Gil #8

Discover all the references that AMMO exclusively offers you 👉👉

Descubre todas las referencias que AMMO te ofrece en exclusiva 👉👉

Red Fox Studio

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T'au MV1 gun drone

After the Ultramarine, this T'au Empire drone is my second finished Warhammer 40K model. Painting and weathering with AMMO products.

Después del Ultramarine, este dron del T'au Empire es mi segundo modelo terminado de Warhammer 40K. Pintado y desgastado con productos AMMO.

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Me 163B Komet (wood wings)

  Me 163B Komet (alas de madera). The latest issue of The Weathering Aircraft magazine features the process I carried out to simulate the w...