Upcoming Arma Hobby's Hurricane Mk.IIc

Coming soon!

1/48 – Hurricane Mk.IIc Expert Set* 

Hurricane Mk.IIc - Expert Set with photoetched parts and masks in 1/48 scale. New tool 2021. This will be the second Arma Hobby kit on 1/48 scale.

Box content: plastic parts (3 grey sprues and 1 clear sprue), decals (4 marking variants), photoetched parts and canopy and wheel masks.

Some 3D representations of the kit design:

Arma Hobby is a brand distributed by AMMO.

Images and  texts are from Arma Hobby website. 
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The Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIc boasting four Oerlikon/Hispano 20mm cannons, was widely used in ground attack, air support and reconnaissance roles and ended up being the most-produced version of the plane, with no less than 4711 examples completed. (Source: Aero Detail 12 Hawker Hurricane).

Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC of No. 224 Group RAF in north-eastern India, 1943. (Wikimedia - Imperial War Museum - public domain).

A RAF Hawker Hurricane Mark IIC (s/n BE500, 'LK-A', "United Provinces Cawnpore") being flown by Squadron Leader Dennis Smallwood, the Commanding Officer of No. 87 Squadron RAF based at RAF Charmy Down, Somerset (UK). (Wikimedia - Imperial War Museum - public domain).

New P-51 B/C Mustang™ by Arma Hobby

Coming soon!

1/72 – P-51 B/C Mustang™ Expert Set*

The P-51 B/C Mustang release is planned in the second quarter of 2021. In the box, you can find parts to build both USAAF P-51B/C, RAF Mustang Mk III and reconnaissance F-6C. Kit features both regular and Malcolm Hood canopies moulded in open and closed positions. Optional are dorsal fin and different styles of inspection panels for an air filter. Under-wing stores included in the set are bombs, 110 and 75 gal fuel tanks.

First Expert Set edition will include photoetched parts, canopy/wheel masks and decals with six markings options (4 x USAAF and 2 x RAF).

Some 3D representations of the kit design:

Arma Hobby is a brand distributed by AMMO.

Images and texts are from Arma Hobby website. 
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Next Cooper State Models kit

 1/35 – Canadian armoured MG carriage*

Releases in FEB 2021.

Image is from Cooper State Models Facebook page. NOTE: bold text with * indicates a link.

The Armoured Machine-Gun Carrier was manufactured by the Autocar Company in Canada. Built on a two-ton truck chassis, the car had 5mm of armour at the front and 3mm in the rear. With its solid rubber tires and 22-horsepower engine, it could reach speeds of 30 to 40 kilometres per hour on roads, but had very limited cross-country capability. Its twin Vickers machine-guns could each spew 450 bullets per minute. (Source: warmuseum.ca).

Cleaning armoured cars, Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade. Photograph shows six armoured autocars of the First Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade, being cleaned. The nearest vehicle is fitted with two Vickers machine guns. Presumably in France, April 1918. (Wikimedia ‐ Library and Archives Canada ‐ public domain).

MiniArt's railroad crossing

 Coming soon!

1/35 – Railroad crossing*

Decals and some of the details included in the kit:

Images are from MiniArt website. NOTE: bold text with * indicates a link.

Flyhawk's HMS Illustrious 1940 now available!

 1/700 – HMS Illustrious 1940*

Click on the image to see it in high resolution.

This high resolution image is courtesy of Flyhawk model. NOTE: bold text with * indicates a link.

The HMS Illustrious (R87) was an aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy, leader of the class Illustrious, who fought in World War II. It is one of the most storied aircraft carriers in the Royal Navy. Launched in April 1939, it entered service in May 1940. The Fairey Swordfish torpedo bomber attack was launched from its deck against part of the Italian fleet anchored in Taranto. It also served in the Pacific Front suffering some kamikaze attacks in April 1945. The aircraft carrier was decommissioned in 1954, and scrapped in 1956. (Source: Wikipedia).

HMS Illustrious. (Wikimedia - Imperial War Museum - public domain).

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