Reissue of Heller's Safir 91

 1/72 – SAAB 91 Safir*

Rebox with the same decal options.

Images are from Heller website. 
NOTE: Bold  text with * indicates a link.

The Saab 91 Safir (Swedish for sapphire) is a three (91A, B, B-2) or four (91C, D) seater, single engine trainer aircraft. The Safir was built by Saab AB in Linköping, Sweden, (203 aircraft) and by De Schelde in Dordrecht, Netherlands (120 aircraft). (Source: Wikipedia).

OO-JEN Saab 91A Safir (Wikimedia - Creative Commons).

c/n 91-210. Built for the Swedish Air Force as Fv50010 but now privately owned in Norway (Wikimedia - Creative Commons).

Saab 91C, Swedish Air Force designation: Sk 50C (Wikimedia - Creative Commons).

c/n 91-201 Built as a Saab 91B Safir with the Swedish military serial Fv50001. Exported to Japan in 1953 as a candidate new training aircraft type for the JASDF. This role was taken by the T-34 Mentor and the Safir was civil registered as JA3055 and used on passenger flights. (Wikimedia - Creative Commons).


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