Upcoming Aichi D3A Val by Infinity Models

 Próximo Aichi D3A Val de Infinity Models.

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1/32 – Aichi D3A Val*

The Czech brand Infinity Models is working on a new model of the Aichi D3A Val bomber in 1/32 scale, which will include two paint options. In the following pictures you can see some details of the model.

La marca checa Infinity Models está trabajando en un nuevo modelo del bombardero Aichi D3A Val en la escala 1/32, que incluirá dos opciones de pintura. En las siguientes imágenes podréis ver algunos detalles de la maqueta.

Images are from Infinity Models website. NOTE: Bold text with * indicates a link.
Infinity Models is a HpH Models brand dedicated to the production of plastic model kits.

Las imágenes pertenecen a la página web de Infinity Models. NOTA: El texto en negrita con el * indica un enlace.
Infinity Models es una  marca de HpH Models dedicada a la producción de maquetas de plástico.

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4 comentarios:

  1. FANTASTIC! A 1/32 VAL!!! PERFECT! Nice to see something different in 1/32, than the usual multiple German, American or Russian offerings of the same subject!! Now, can we talk Infinity Models into a 1/32 A7M2 SAM? Or possibly the huge variety of Japanese IJAAF "heavy" twin engine bombers in 1/48?? Those have never been done in anything other than 1/72, and the camo schemes are varied and colorful!

    1. Yes, this is great news. At the moment these models are not in their work plans. They have other projects. You can check it out on their website.


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